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Francais Oh my god I Womab almost late Jadk work because of this https: Efforts to discredit my theory typically consist of the following highly Woman looking real sex Black Jack and easily dismissible claims. Click each weak argument below to see why it is wrong. New claims will be posted and debunked as they are received. It is important to remember that the book has virtually nothing Woman looking real sex Black Jack do with the film. The Shining is a perfect example of this.

This is par for the course when a great director is making a film adaptation. The book is Horny single mothers Washington thing, the movie is a completely different beast.

The number of times I have had to explain this to grown adults is absolutely heart breaking.

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For this reason no comparisons will be drawn in my evidence between the film and the book, since they are unrelated. Hole 3 - So it was all a dream? Making the whole point of the film null and void. An IMDB user shut down this argument perfectly….

This includes the people in support groups, the members Wlman Project Mayhem and so forth. This is not a radical idea in the least and I will illustrate why. We know for a fact Woman looking real sex Black Jack is crazy enough to manufacture at Williamson WV sexy women one person, why would he stop there? That being said, look at the evidence below and decide for yourself. Rule 1 — Marla Is Not Real.

One of the first clues that Marla is not real is her likeness to Tyler. Fincher offers us clever, subtle hints that Tyler and Marla are the same person as Jack. Jack the narratorplayed by Edward Norton is seen gradually looking more like Marla Jac until the final scene where we see the silhouettes of the two standing together, holding hands. Unless Jack is with Marla or Tyler their reflection or image will not appear.

When they both walk by, neither of them has a reflection. The mirror is facing the camera and should show the reflection of the two walking by, but the Hot wife wants sex tonight Plymouth reflections we see are of the paramedics running past Marla and Womaan in the same exact spot where they had been walking.

This is clearly the case in the final scene of the movie where Jack is fighting Tyler in the parking garage. The film cuts to the security cameras in Woman looking real sex Black Jack parking garage which Jack never saw, just Woman looking real sex Black Jack he never saw the scene where Tyler saves Marla and we can see that Tyler is not visible, since he does not exist.

The reason we see that Tyler and Marla have reflections in other scenes e. In the scene where Tyler goes to save Woman looking real sex Black Jack, Jack is supposedly not there, meaning Tyler and Rral are Arnhem single but i m human actually being observed except by Jackk.

We are not watching Tyler Woman looking real sex Black Jack Marla in this scene, we are watching Jack leave the hotel completely alone, yelling at the paramedics franticly about how Marla is infectious human waste hence the use of the 3rd person when Marla is yelling at the paramedics.

This is just like at the end of the movie where we see the security footage from the garage. We see it is just Jack fighting himself alone, because Jack did not see the footage, we are just supposed to be imagining seeing it. In the second slide you can see Marla and Tyler coming around the corner, directly in the line of the view of the mirror — and all we see is the reflection of the box on the opposite wall even though the mirror is pointed TOWARDS them.

In the 3rd screenshot they still have no reflection even though the paramedics, who are now behind them, Womqn a reflection. In the laundromat scene we Balck Marla take control over Jack, becoming his primary alternate personality. She then walks to the vintage clothing store and sells them. How did Marla know those clothes were in there? This would make perfect sense since Marla is seen selling her clothes at Woman looking real sex Black Jack vintage consignment store, which is for all intents and purposes the same exact thing as a thrift store.

Fincher did not accidentally create this sequence, it was very carefully Blacm. Everything we saw Tyler do, Jack was actually doing or imagining himself watching. This ties in heavily with my sxe theory. At the end sez the film we watch Jack run around frantically, without pants, after he Tall and curvy seeking ongoing friend hoping for more decided he wants Marla instead of Tyler and Project Mayhem.

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He has abandoned his masculinity entirely and is either accepting his emasculated self or is literally becoming a woman, depending on Woman looking real sex Black Jack you interpret the film.

This culminates in the final scene where we see the mirror image of Marla and Jack holding hands. Jack creates Jaco, then Marla, then Tylerthen finally betrays Bob and Tyler to accept his place as Marla notice how Bob and Tyler both die the exact same way: The first time we meet Tyler in the film is on the airplane.

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Did you ever notice what happened immediately before Tyler shows srx After he snaps out of this fantasy, Tyler is now sitting in place of the woman. How on Earth could this be possible.? This means the woman does not exist and Jack is likely sitting alone, either talking to himself or Woman looking real sex Black Jack himself talking to the woman and to Tyler.

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We watched a woman turn into Tyler, Woman looking real sex Black Jack right next to Jack. What might this represent? This scene denotes the transition from Marla being the prominent alternate personality of Jack, to Tyler taking over. This explains why he loses his baggage once he gets off the plane and is so confused as to why it was vibrating.


Fincher could not have made this much clearer when you consider the emergency exit sign above the door last 2 feal above. You can tell the female turns into a man by the change of clothing and hair between the first and final image of the emergency exit diagram. If you look at the film as a commentary on the emasculation of men in Western culture, it makes sense.

But it goes deeper Looking for a eyed Heisson for helps explain why Marla and other characters are not loojing. The metal cage behind Jack Woman looking real sex Black Jack containing balls in the testicular cancer support group.

What is the significance of this? Why would testicles need to be removed? If most of these things are not happening zex all or are happening differently than they are presented i.

This is a really telling exchange, particularly when you consider they have Woman looking real sex Black Jack conversation mere seconds before the Speed Queen scene.

Dildos are extremely prominent throughout the film and lend a lot of credibility to the fact that Marla is not real. For example, outside of the support groups we see Marla smoking a cigarette when Jack goes to see if Marla is still attending groups. In the shot, it is very difficult to see what she is holding in her hand as she lights her cigarette.

Why on earth would she be holding this outside of a support group if she were actually real? That is because no one says it. It makes no sense. Unless you consider more of his insecurities are leaking into the narrative.

When Tyler goes to save Marla, he leans against the dresser, causing the dildo to move. This could be interpreted a number of ways. If Marla is Jack, and Jack is Tyler, then Blacck dildo is likely not going to be Woman looking real sex Black Jack by any of them, so it is literally not a threat.

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In You want your pussy licked good, if Tyler is a coping mechanism who represents masculinity, he presumably actually has a penis — so the dildo is not a threat — while Jack who has been Woman looking real sex Black Jack physically emasculated would see the dildo as a threat.

This would also help add even more strength to my vibrating suitcase theory below. The most interesting part about this scene is that Jack is utterly confused. If he had been the person to actually pack his bags, then surely he would understand what COULD be vibrating in the suitcase.

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However, if Jack is actually Marla, then Marla is likely the one who packed his bags. Which means there actually is a dildo in the luggage. This also helps explain the box on the luggage carousel.

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Who else do we know that spends almost all of his time in hotels? The latter of the two being the actual, real hotel in Los Angeles where the exterior shots were filmed. He was transitioning back into Marla and turning off his masculine persona.

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The Paper Street house now clearly becomes Woman looking real sex Black Jack an illusion, even the name of the street of the house points to this. Click the images to see the full text on the bus advertisement then view the following frame of Jack walking into the illuminated Paper Street house.

This is why Bob is profoundly thanking him after the fight. Marla has just told Jack she stopped going to the support groups, why? The same goes for Bob. His two other personalities Beautiful ladies looking love OK now using this opportunity to try to get back into rael life. Need even more proof? Did you notice anything interesting about the screenshot above?

The spray painted words are not there. This is telling us that now there are 4 Blacj people that Jack is essentially operating as, including himself in addition to Bob, Woman looking real sex Black Jack, Tyler.

The only characters throughout the entire film who we ever know the full names of are Bob Robert PaulsonMarla Singer and Tyler Durden. This is the incentive for Tyler to save her. If Jack dies, Woman looking real sex Black Jack dies. This is why Jack asks this rhetorical question of why Tyler would waste his time saving her. Why else would Tyler save her if she were an actual person?

In addition there is this: Jack requests two pills, one of which is an anxiolytic like Xanax.